Instructables at Maker Faire New York 2015 - Pictures!

Instructables was at Maker Faire New York again this year! Mikeasaurus and xxlauraxx were there to meet all the awesome people that were able to come out. 

Check out the photos below to see what all went on including 3D printing and chainsaw carving!

Did you get to check out the Faire or the Instructables booth? Share your stories from the Faire below!


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SergeiP41 year ago

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us, keep it up.

That's me with my son :-)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  dushyantahuja2 years ago

Your son is the one in the green shirt touching the wooden Instructables robot?

mikeasaurus2 years ago

UPDATE: The picture has been tagged!

We're still working on getting a few author's identified :)
(it was kind of a hectic weekend!)

Thanks for tagging em!

BrittLiv2 years ago

Wow, I am jealous! It looks like a lot of fun. Like Antzy Carmasaic I am wondering who is who. Can you please tag the picture?

Yes, please, image tags!

Yes, please, image tags!

Chainsaw carving! I'm surprised Mikeasaurus isn't shaving with those.

I see caitlinsdad and caitlin made it. Who are all the lucky folks in the group photo?