Instructables at the Maker Faire!

Here you go!

We spent two days talking to hundreds, maybe thousands of people about the site.

We were amazed at how many people had heard of us, and used it regularly, but never quite got round to joining.

We were proud of the number of other Makers who were members of Instructables.

We were pleasantly surprised by people presenting crafts they had learned from instructables, and were telling others about the site.

We met the very nice people from Sugru.  We met the slightly manic folk from various Hackerspaces.  We met the dedicated folk from SciCast. 

There were people knitting neurons, soldering badges, hacking the Kinect, battling robots, playing tennis on bicycles, controlling fire with sound, playing music with Tesla coils, building an electric Mini, chasing small children with wheelie bins, performing the thermite reaction in their bare hands, building a temporary home from "Sold" signs.

Hannah wrote an Instructable.

There were automata, robots, ancient computers, amazing materials, musicians, artists, crafters, and hackers.

There was a giant cardboard spider, a self-balancing skateboard from this site, a water-cooled armchair, a fire-breathing dragon, 3d printers printing 3d printers, and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people all interested in Making Cool Stuff.

Have a look at the photos - the image-notes are still buggy, so if there's one you don't understand, just ask.

Oh, and the members we know we met were...
We probably met more than that - if I missed you off the list, please let me know!

The first of the videos...


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Oh why, oh why do I always have SCHOOL when such great things happen???
End of August, the camping meetup ?
Oh, Oh yes, Oh no! It is THREE days after I come from a month's camping with the Physics part of my school and some others and FIVE day before SCHOOL starts...
I suppose it could be possible, but I'm not quite sure Mum'll like it.
Kiteman (author)  gruffalo child6 years ago
This was a weekend...
My profile states Moscow as 'location', because this is where I go to school, however most of my family spends most of the time in London...
Even worse:
Our half-terms are NOT connected to anybody's holidays in any country and
We have school on Saturdays, even though it (the school) is Jewish...
Kiteman (author)  gruffalo child6 years ago
Not quite so ouchy.
I love it all the same...
lockpick6 years ago
I will be at the one in the BayArea. Any one else?
Kiteman (author) 6 years ago
The BBC report from the faire has finally hit the web. Unfortunately, Ms Gibson's interview of Conker-X did not make the final edit.

If you watch carefully, though, you can see the end of the table where Hannah was sitting.

I am unable to find that...
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