Instructables authors in UK, Germany and thereabout

I'm looking to identify Instructables authors that live in the UK, Germany and the regions thereabout.

I can name of a handful of you folks off the top of my head, but if you live in these areas, would you leave a comment here?

Reason why: Our Instructables/Autodesk Public Relations and Brand Partnerships people are looking to unearth some great Instructables content from these regions. The goal is to connect with these authors and then tell their stories to regional media. (Kind of like this: 

You could leave a boring comment like "I live in Germany" . . . or you could do that and enlighten anyone that happens to stumble across this post by answering the always-interesting question:

Why do you make things?

Thanks in advance!!

Sam, aka seamster

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You can view our community collection here

We make because that's the point of life! We also do a lot of support for the community. We have built notice boards, repaired stuff. One of our favorite projects is detailed below:

The Stoke Aldermoor War Memorial ProjectA
joint project between Stoke Aldermoor Community Association (SACA) and
Coventry Makerspace to restore the Stoke Aldermoor Second World War
Memorial, and create a companion memorial to those who have fallen in
subsequent conflicts.

The Stoke Aldermoor War
Memorial has a somewhat turbulent history. Originally housed in the
estate's Working Men's Club, it was rescued from an arson attack by
firefighters, only to be disposed of by builders renovating its new
home, The Aldermoor Hotel. It was subsequently rescued from a skip in
Warwick, in fragments and with all of its metal stripped, presumably for
scrap. It has, since then, been temporarily housed within a church, a
school, and a community centre. It is not possible to display the
fragments, so it is currently stored in a plastic box within the LIFE
Community Centre.

SACA and Coventry Makerspace hope that,
working together, they can restore the memorial to its former glory, as
well as create a companion memorial commemorating those not named on the
original plaques and those from the estate who have fallen in
subsequent conflicts. Among the SACA volunteers working on the project
is the aunt of Shaun Bush, who was killed in Afghanistan at the age of

By creating the memorial ourselves, SACA and the Makerspace
hope that we can provide a fitting tribute to those who have given their
lives, keeping expenses as low as possible while maximising the
community benefit of the money spent. By sourcing the tools and
materials we need, we can produce the memorial ourselves for
significantly less than outsourcing would cost, with local Aldermoor
residents helping to design and build the memorial and Coventry
Makerspace providing the skills and expertise to make it happen. After
the project has concluded, SACA will have a memorial for generations to
come, and the Makerspace will be able to use the tools to provide STEM
education and to help other communities and projects in the future.

at the Makerspace have forged close links with SACA since we have
started working on this project. We have helped and supported them,
holding weekly progress meetings where we manage the project, helping to
work out what tasks need to be performed next and suggesting ways to
achieve them. We have assisted them in creating a website for the
project, writing their grant application and providing focus and
encouragement. In addition, we have invited members of the community to
attend events at the Makerspace and hope to continue this relationship
beyond the duration of the War Memorial project itself.
have been disappointed to have received only a small fraction of the
funding that we require from the grant applications we have completed so
far (which were made to the Coventry City Council Community Grants
Fund). Having only been notified of this decision in the past few days,
we are currently working on a new funding strategy. We are aware that
this project has been proposed for some time and has not yet come to
fruition. While this is partly down to lack of funding, we feel that it
has in the past been difficult for SACA to negotiate a plan of action
and focus it accordingly. We hope that our involvement will help to push
the project forward and that we will find alternative funding and
finally restore the war memorial in Stoke Aldermoor.Please see the attached pictures and grant applications for further information:

Update: Today the memorial is being installed at Stoke Aldermoor and tomorrow it will be unveiled by a war veteran as part of their annual open day. It will be interesting to see whether Coventry Makerspace actually have the guts to turn up for the unveiling given that they have taken all the grant money but not actually done anything. Much was promised but nothing delivered. A shame and an own goal for Coventry Makerspace.

Well done Coventry guys. I see that you are well up there in the Makerspace contest. I wish I lived nearer as I would love to be involved with such an active vibrant group. Good luck in the contest.

I live in the UK (England)

Giulia Art2 years ago

I live in UK and i like to do a lot of things from paper :)

I own the whole of the Island of Anglesey, N.W. Wales, UK. I also love the fusion 360 software - it's very cool.

I live in the UK (midlands) I make things because I always have made things. My job as an architectural model maker keeps me making, but when i have some free time i love to make fun things.

Vulcaman2 years ago

I live in Germany and I like to create cool things by myself. I'd like to show people how to create cool things without so much money. I think Instructables is the perfect place for those projects. Also the Contest on this page are amazing, I really enjoy them:-)


Vulcaman2 years ago

I live in Germany and i make things, because I'd like to show people how to create cool things without so much money. I my opinion everyone can create cool things, so Instructables is a awesome place to share your project. Also the community is super awesome on Intructables!


spunk2 years ago

I live in Germany and I'd like to help to make instructables more popular here ; )

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