Instructables by others, that I have made... on my profile?

Is there an easy way to list and link to Instructables by others, that I have made? If so, I haven't found it yet; if not, then this is a feature suggestion.
It would be nice to be able to mark other people's Instructables as 'I have done this', and show a linked list on my profile; also, thinking further, the I'ble could then have a list called 'Who has done this?' or similar, and maybe we could even add an image of our version.

Is this a very silly idea? What do you think?

Picture of Instructables by others, that I have made... on my profile?
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Attmos5 years ago
I'm for it. That would be fun.
Tomdf5 years ago
I really really like the idea of a "Who's Done This" section attached to ibles. I don't so much want to go check out that persons profile to see how much they've done, but I would absolutely love to see pictures of what people have made by following the instructable.

And since it was sorta brought up, needing to know HTML to customize your instructable is lame.
Moem (author)  Tomdf5 years ago
Yes, I think it would be very rewarding to see that others liked your (or anyone's) idea and ran with it.

Well, there is a button on the I'ble making interface that will help you make a link, so no knowledge of HTML is needed for that.
This is something that's been discussed a lot at Headquarters. I think most of the staff are for it, it's just not an easy thing to code into the site. It would be nice to see if a lot of people respond on here for or against your idea, as it would be a nice way to demonstrate that the instructables community really wants this.
I'm for it -

As for functionality, perhaps the "favourites" system could be co-opted?

Add an extra button, long with the favourite etc, that says "I made this".

Back on your Orange board, as well as being able to see a list of favourit-ed projects, in the menu to the left of the page, there would be a menu item entitled "Instructables I Tried".

Same coding as the Favourites system, just different text.
Moem (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
From my (limited) website building knowledge, that sounds pretty sound. And not all that much work, either.
Moem (author)  StumpChunkman5 years ago
Thank you! If it's been talked about a lot, it can't be that silly.
Now let's see what happens, I'm hoping people will chime in and give their opinion.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I like the idea.... There is some credibility in seeing who or how many have made a project, as view counts aren't really a good representation of overall satisfaction with a project.

I also like the idea (which I suggested before), about being able to see how many people have "favorited" an Instructable. At least I'd like to know how many have favorited mine, as well as see the same stat on projects I'm interested in...
Moem (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Oh yes, that is a fine idea too, it would be interesting!
blkhawk5 years ago
You can link to other Instructables that you have replicated using the Rich Editor feature. You could also add HTML code to your Instructable in order to link to other projects.
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