Instructables card game Stop motion

Hey guys! So yesterday my ibles card game arrived in the post. The next day, i was bored, not of the cards, but of life. I was bored, when suddenly a super cool random idea came into my head, and voila, this happened.

Picture of Instructables card game Stop motion
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Kiteman7 years ago
Erm... "Thanks for Wathing"?

Cool, though.
Don't be prejudithed againth people with a listhp.
Tom Buckey7 years ago
How long did the take to ome threw once you had bought them?
KnexFreek7 years ago
Loved it! nice vid! Lol did ya see my card? I has the profile pic i made of a puppy! LOL! i wish my original one was on there though... whatev :P Have yo played the game with anyone yet? Also who has the best specs of anyone on the site?
Whose cards do you have?
MegaMetal87 years ago
stale567 years ago
Cool, but short (and kind of simple). You should make a game of Tetris or Space Invaders using this method.
I've seen somebody do the game Pole Position by doing this using sticky notes (I think...).