Instructables embedded on your website - UPDATED!

Last December I wrote some PHP to enable Instructables users to embed a live list of their Instructables on their website or wordpress blog with a navigation bar to organise by views, comments, rating and name as well as pagination. It proved quite popular but broke when HQ updated some code on member's profile pages.

Well... i FINALLY got round to updating it this weekend. I've uploaded the fixed code to the Instructable. You can learn how to install it and download the source in the Instructable, or see it working live at this page on my website.

I thought I'd post the update as a forum topic too so that anybody that subscribed to me for the original Instructable would get notified of the update.


Picture of Instructables embedded on your website - UPDATED!
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Kiteman6 years ago
It would be nice if this was something the codemonkeys could make into an integral part of the site...
Jayefuu (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
A bit like Youtube provides to embed videos? :D
Kiteman Jayefuu6 years ago
Yes, I think so.

Would Kelseymh get too upset if I suggested that every project have an "embed hotlink" button?

I imagine that quite a bit of traffic could be driven to the site like that, because anybody could create a blog or website of their favourite projects, and then people using their website would also become traffic here...

Maybe a teacher (of technology, science, food, design, whatever) could us it to create a reference/resource page on their school/college website in the run-up to a project?

Why would I get upset? That sounds like an awesome idea. Unlike the ties to Failbook (and the ever growing use of Fail and Twit nomenclature), being able to cross-link to Instructables from other sites would be excellent.
Knowing the nature of what passes for comments there...
Ahh, Youtube commenters... scum of the internet!

And I don't say that lightly.
Haven't been to 4chan, I take it.
And you have??

Young lady, I am shocked and surprised!
I'm assuming you, too, have been there Kiteman.

I should apolagise, there are far darker corners of the internet, but at least they're normally literate... I think...
Only to check what it was, after a different conversation here.

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