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mjbell29 years ago
Superjustin18 sent me a weird message and I don't appreciate it. I don't know his intent but don't intend to reply to him. Please flag it or whatever to make him stop. Thanks. PS I don't have time for this.
Sorry, that was I didn't know what spam was. I deleted it.
westfw (author)  mjbell29 years ago
This isn't really a forum for complaints; more for discussion. Inappropriate private messages should probably get reported to the staff via... Hmm.; I'm not really sure what the correct path would be (public comments have that "flag as inappropriate" button, but not PMs.)
nivaneus9 years ago
Hello, I have come across a problem with my instructable. I have published it and it says its published, you can enter it through my instructables page but if you were to search for it you cant find it. Can someones please help me and tell me whats going on?
Someone (user has been repeatedly leaving nasty comments on one of my instructables. Is there anyway to file a complaint about a user or block them from commenting. I flagged all the comments as spam but I'm not sure what happens next. If you look at their other comments, the user doesn't seem to do anything but leave nasty message for people.
You can flag a comment yourself, it's by the Reply button>>
I did flag them, I was just wondering if Instructables has a mechanism to block or complain about abusive users as well. I was wondering if there was a formal way to do this and what procedure Instructables follows to ban people that are spamming users with offensive comments.
no, there isn't a way to report a user, except by PM'ing an admin/mod(they're listed in the About page) although this is a feature a lot of us would like. =)

-I also think when the mods. view a flagged comment they will check the users other comments/profile too.
I flagged him and reported him to the federal child predator / anti-child porn investigation folks since he was talking about getting off on naked pictures of my child. He can explain to them why he's so funny. But it would be nice if Instructables had a more effective way to for users to respond to anti-social behavior.
Well if you don't have "pictures" of your child, (or your child isn't a member on here) then why worry? But I honestly would not get so concerned about a sick joke on the internet, unless of course you feel you have a stalker. =\
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