Instructables for sale (updated).

After a number of requests, I am now selling two of my recent instructables on my Etsy shop:

Both my Serenity Suncatcher and The Mule are now available as "flat-packs", packed along with illustrated assembly instructions.

UPDATE - I have also added model X-Wings and TIE Fighters to the store!

Since we're talking "Etsy", are there any of my other laser-cut projects that you'd like to see available?

Picture of Instructables for sale (updated).
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Kiteman (author) 1 year ago

I wonder if I could get away with selling Star Wars models...?

Kiteman (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

I'm doing it!

(See the update)

You should embed them with blinking red and green throwies. And enter them in the Beyond the Comfort Zone contest since that would be a foray into electronics for you.

Kiteman (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

The last time I made a throwie, I managed to stab myself with an LED...

Look up the blinking windchime, it would be cool to use those as the pendants of a mobile and they would chase each other as it spins...

Kiteman (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

Oh, yes...!

gmoon1 year ago

Gotta say... the Firefly suncatcher is pretty cool.

Kiteman (author)  gmoon1 year ago

Thank you - I'm quite proud of it.

gmoon Kiteman1 year ago

You should be. Curious--can your laser etch anything approximating a diffraction grating?

Kiteman (author)  gmoon1 year ago

I've never tried...