Instructables formatting

The 2.0 version of Instructables has slightly different formatting than 1.0. We've based it on the wiki used in Edgewall's trac. We like it, and hope you will too.

The most useful thing for people is probably links.

[ Instructables]

The full formatting documentation is here. Not everything is implemented yet, but we're getting there.

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>Clears throat noisily<


So, there, Bumpus.
Why would you even do that? Topics that people actually have interest in get pushed off the first page within about two hours. You're just taking up space by bumping these multi year old threads. As a favor to everyone else, please stop.
W'burg she doesn't do it that often and it's not an issue as long as it doesn't create problems, old topics aren't paid as much attention, if someone mistook 2 years for 2 hours there might be a confusing debacle here but overall bumping is harmless. Except in cases where a topic that should be laid to rest has benn dragged back up, I think the power to close topics to commenting is necessary but not to be used constantly like some forum sites. (All topics over a week old are closed) I still get comments on the bunk bed and velociraptors topic, it's not a problem I ignore the majority unless they're funny/worthy of reply. I think the making of a new thread rather than bumping/editing is a nuisance, also the thread titled " ? " is a nuisance, plus all similar title issues like "help"
Right, but she did it in order to be a nuisance. That was her entire goal in bringing this topic back.

0200 hours

Mission log

I have succeeded in annoying Bumpus and Weissenstenburg, thus accomplishing my main goal in life. I have no other. I live to get attention from them. I spend 14 hours a day at my computer merely crafting replies meant to elicit anger from them, and I rejoice greatly when I succeed. I think of them constantly, and never do anything else, ever. I forget to eat and bathe in my relentless pursuit of their scorn. I worship them. They are Gods. If only I could get the Almighty Weissenstenburg to spit on me-if only I could get Fair Bumpus to kick me with steeltoed boots-then my life would be complete in happiness.
So if ">Clears throat noisily< BUMP! So, there, Bumpus." Wasn't an attempt to bug bumpus, what was it?
It WAS. I've said that all along.

Since when is that a crime on here? If it is, someone needs to tell all the people flaming on the evolution and religion threads that teasing, annoying and downright insulting is now banned.

Fortunately you and bumpus have never ever engaged in any similar activity. Heavens, no! Not you two!
The two are different, and even if they weren't, using the examples of others as an excuse is simply admitting your own guilt.

1) I'm speaking globally here, as I've said bumpus and others seem to have a policy of NO BUMPING OLD THREADS no matter what. I'm speaking of the larger issue of old thread bumping, I'm NOT defending this ONE bump, I'm talking about all the others bumpus gets mad about, including legitimate ones.

2) I did nothing wrong. Nada. Zip. Zero. It is not against the rules to try and push people's buttons-or will you argue that it is? If so, you [ are in violation of it yourself.]
And as I said earlier, I have no problem with legitimate bumps. I wasn't trying to push his buttons, I was making a point that just because DJ Radio's username is different doesn't mean he is a different person.
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