Instructables from Guatemala

Christy and I just returned from a couple of weeks in Guatemala and Honduras. We brought our laptops and experimented with "working from home from abroad." Did you even notice we were away? Lots of people in the Bay Area didn't! Check out the view from our Antigua, Guatemala office with Volcan Aqua looming over us.

We investigated Mayan ruins in Tikal and Copan, climbed a volcano and stood 2 meters away from an active lava flow, learned to salsa dance, visited the Valhalla Experimental Macadamia Nut Station, were attacked by a scarlet macaw that ate one of my shirt's buttons, and ate as much typical Guatemalan food as our stomachs could hold. I liked Pepian de pollo so much, I took a class to learn how to cook it myself.

Some of the things we learned have already been posted:
Air Bags for Eggs
Create an Ergonomic Standing Desk and Office on the Go
How to Sharpen Knives
and we've got Instructables coming soon for many of the traditional dishes and how they run the macadamia nut farm.

All of our pictures can be found on this Flickr collection.

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susie9 years ago
Totally awesome post and what a fun trip. It never occurred to me to document things from traveling but now my brain is whirring.
Lego man9 years ago
My fathers side of the family mostly lives in Guatemala where the originated!
canida Lego man9 years ago
Cool! Where in Guatemala? Anywhere near the places we went?
Brennn109 years ago
What I love are the laser etchings on your Mac books. Looks like Robot and the Instructables logo.
I saw that laptop in real life.


ewilhelm (author)  Brennn109 years ago
Indeed. His and hers macbooks, so to speak.
Good eye! I didn't notice that!
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Cool! Sounds like it was fun!
I like the first picture. :D Eric is glaring at the screen (reading one of my comments/questions directed toward him, no doubt!), and Christy, well, she's just downright depressed.
lol, spending some time together on your laptops
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