Instructables hits the road with the Future of Sports Tour

PopSci is doing a roadshow called The Future of Sports Tour. You can learn about how science and technology are affecting the way we play and train. Golf, tennis, hockey, baseball and other sports keep evolving with the times and this is a way to see that in person. If you're in the SF bay area, New York, or Miami you can go and check it out.

PopSci has also been nice enough to give us a bit of floorspace to show off three DIY games: Ladder Golf, Kubb, and Pringles Golf. You can see the games in person and see some footage of us playing them as well.

If you're near any of these it should be worth the trip. And if not you can always make a set of your own and play at home!

San Francisco (Great Mall)
- July 18+19
New York (Smith Haven Mall)
- July 26+27
Miami (Miami International)
- August 2+3

Future of Sports Tour

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Once again I live in wrong place....
During the time it is anywhere near me, I will still be off work and unable to travel. *sigh* and I missed the Last Hope Convention too :'-(
Kiteman9 years ago
You're going on a tour about the future of sport? And taking a game played when looting and pillaging was seen as a valid career plan?

Kiteman has a small chuckle at the irony...
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
bumpus likes talking in 3rd person too..
Kiteman bumpus9 years ago
...but Kiteman wonders if Bumpus gets the humour he saw?
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
yes, bumpus acknowledges the humor.
Kiteman bumpus9 years ago
Kiteman is quietly pleased.
Wills429 years ago
Why not head over to beautiful scenic Washington D.C.? It's where the presidents at! :D Oh, no then? Okay...
aceLED9 years ago
omg iam going to miami for a week and those todays r in that week :o
bumpus9 years ago
hmm, perfect reason to go to NYC hehe
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