Instructables in FHM-Netherlands

Put your weird project up on Instructables, and you too can get a half-page photo spread in FHM-Netherlands! Bikini optional.

There was an interview too, but they only used a little bit; it's really all about the pictures. Check out my hands and ewilhlem peeking into the fridge. They mailed me a copy of the magazine, which was nice as there's not much of a distribution network for FHM-Netherlands in the US.

Classy, no?

Picture of Instructables in FHM-Netherlands
starphire10 years ago
sweet! Clearly the Dutch know a good bizarre feature story when they see it.
Del10 years ago
instructables was also in last month's (I think) Popular Science. I'll have to look back in the dead trees to find the specific citation if it's not already here somewhere. In fact, I think I've seen a ref in more than one issue.
jeff10 years ago
You guys are also featured on pages 94-95 of the new _WorldChanging_ book (full page pic of Uboat playing with garbage bag hot air balloon). And Limor's SpokePOV gets a nice little pic on page 95 too.
aneel10 years ago
How does it feel to be world famous?