Instructables in Mobile?

  I suggest to the developer of instructables to bring the instructables in mobile!
I want to make easy to use instructables so it is start to make instructable in 
Pocket Size! and i like to monitor my account how many views i have and to 
check if i receive a letter or if i have a new inbox! actually to see and updated 
to the new projects in instructables so pls. to all developers don't ignore my
suggestion add an comment and we talk about it with the professional
Developers of Instructables!

Now it is the time to bring the Instructable in the future tech,and actually in MOBILE!

From: Wareneutron(WN)

Picture of Instructables in Mobile?
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bhvm5 years ago
Since two~ three weeks the browsing of Instructables on my Mobile (Samsung note) has gone poor. There is a new site layout and seems the culprit here. Older version used to work just fine. The site is now very slow and choppy, also the pictures don't load well or load off screen. Kindly and urgently Fix this. I am using the desktop version of site
Samsung Note
Opera Mobile
Wareneutron (author)  bhvm5 years ago
that's right because i use opera mobile to browse the Instructables!
But you said is right i can't log in through mobile!

And very slow accessing the Browser!

So it can develop more!
Wareneutron (author)  Wareneutron5 years ago
Some its gonna have Instructables mobile!
As kiteman said there's a mobile site, it works pretty well for browsing but I got miffed by not being able to get to some stuff, really it's pretty good...
(If you scroll to the bottom of the screen, there's a "full site" option.)
The new one has some disagreements with touchscreen, the you navigation closes when you touch links...
Yarg - most of the drop-down menus are bolshie about being used on a touch screen.
The old one didn't work at all to be fair because it was based on hover, looked at the code and while there are hover bits to it the links should work instead of just closing it again...
It did start working, just before the update.

... then somebody fixed it.
On mobile now, the shorter one works fine, it's just fiddly, using the comments is terrible now replies are formatted in to tiny little columns, I'm guessing the phone disagrees with the fixed width of the comments and content areas, when it resizes the text columns, wish I could edit elements and css on the fly on mobile browsers, it would take a few minutes to find a workaround, unsure how to load custom scripts via mobile either...
Wareneutron (author) 5 years ago
so i suggest for developers of instructables!Bring the instructables in mobile!
blkhawk5 years ago
The creation of an Instructable mobile app has been proposed many times before.
Kiteman blkhawk5 years ago
There is a mobile version of the site, which is in constant development, much as the main site is.