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Instructables seems to be finding its way around the news media. Here are links to the mentions I know of. If you see any others, leave a note in the comments, or post a forum topics and I'll add a link to it here.

If you're from the press and would like to arrange an interview, please contact me here.
See the most current news about Instructables with a Google News search for Instructables.

More cool stuff about Instructables here at the guided tour.

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Kiteman1 year ago

Sixth photo down is by our own Ewilhelm!

Congratulations on all the success, my only question is, didnt they need permission from the posters of the projects to put up their copyrighted pictures?
ewilhelm (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
They absolutely did, and in each of the instances above the author gave their permission.

That doesn't happen now. Sites steal our pictures without any hesitation...

gotcha ;)
I am in the process of purchasing an old foreclosed school to create a youth center for incarcerated youth. A non for profit organisation to train youth to make a living for themself after they are out of the system. My question are : Is it possible to install solar panel for a school building and do you know of any organization that will be willing to donate the panel towards to our non for profit organization?
Yes No and hard sell.
Yes you could at least go partly off grid.
No I don’t know who would sponsor your project.
It would be a hard sell sponsors might fear reoffending and bad press.
I would encourage you to post this as a forum topic, not as an off-topic comment in somebody else's forum. You'll get much more visibility, and some good input on your questions.
Yes No and hard sell.
Yes you could at least go partly off grid.
No I don’t know who would sponsor your project.
It would be a hard sell sponsors might fear reoffending and bad press.
hi every one ive got a science fair project and i chose to do it over paper plains so i figured if anyone could help me it would be you guys really depending on you guys so please help me

You need to start a new forum topic, so that folk realise you are asking a new question.

Follow this link, and hit the button that says "new topic".

Make sure you are clear about what help you need, so that you get more useful comments, and don't forget to browse the site, because there are hundreds of plane projects already published.
Kiteman Kiteman4 years ago
Oops, forgot the link:

makendo5 years ago
bricoleur15 years ago
Hi all,

Some of you might be interested in an article on "rugged consumerism" published in the most recent PMLA (an academic journal devoted to the modern languages), which relates Instructables and other maker communities to contemporary American literature.
Dssplayer5 years ago
on brink when they were talking about the maker fair they showed something ibles related a couple of times but they didnt talk about it.
Kiteman5 years ago
23rd Feb, 2012, Saul Griffiths has just been on BBC TV's "Horizon" programme, talking about nuclear fusion as the future of human energy resources.

He was talking from the control tower that used to house Instructables.
husindana5 years ago
raj2u5 years ago
hello sir.. my question is, Draw a circuit diagram of 24volt DC output by using a 12Volt Transformer?
lady in red6 years ago
nice thanks.....
ha how are you . did you make a bb gun
I've been coming here for years and finally had a chance to write about it on my site at North Shore Kid. Here's a direct link to the story:

Thanks so much for such an awesome site!

I like that article, the graphic on the security bits I thought especially neat :D
germanmebel6 years ago
debbg120026 years ago
Does the pop out of gear instructions include when it pops out of and / or will not go into reverse on 1998 toyota tacoma?
Goodhart9 years ago
Now where did I see INSTRUCTABLES linked from kind of surprised me......I will have to look around again...but I saw it this morning I believe...
technick299 years ago
Instructables was mention in the New York Times Magazine in an article surrounding How-to and DIY being showcased on the Internet. :D
ewilhelm (author)  technick299 years ago
Gjdj39 years ago
Hey. I just found the foldable/portable doggy bowl Instructable on page 53 of the June 16 issue of Newsweek.

It's in the "Pets" column about how dogs need a lot of water in the hot summer. It shows 2 links where you can buy portable dog bowls, then it says you could make it yourself at the Instructables link.
Kiteman Gjdj39 years ago
Here's the link
Gjdj3 Kiteman9 years ago
Oh. Thanks!
crapflinger10 years ago,1205,l=194268&s=27523&a=194262&po=10,00.asp canida's throwie rat was in the "Top 10 Strangest DIY Projects" on november last year

apparently they came entirely too early to see the duckmouse....which trumps the throwie rat CONCIDERABLY on the "weird-o-meter"
Kiteman10 years ago
Kudos, Eric.