Instructables needs international character (letters) support!!!!!

Instructables currently does not support a lot characters from other languages. If you use a character from another language, instructables simply replaces it with some letters and symbols. Since the only other language I use here is spanish, I can only say this has happened to me when writing in spanish. The problem is, that without these characters (like diacritics and a certain spanish letter), many spanish sentences cannot be properly written, therefore altering its meaning. This problem has made it very difficult to use spanish in the site. Is it possible that the staff can do anything about this? Also, if anyone has experienced this problem in another language, please write it in this thread.

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
Well, this site is generally English. Personally, I'd be very disappointed to find an instructable I couldn't do because I couldn't understand the language it was written in. This site is based in English and it should stay that way!! Viva la AMERICA!
Keith-Kid (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
America isn't only United States you jerk. Spanish is actually spoken even more than english, if you didnt know.

The reason for other languages in instructables, is to make it more widely known.

I have to say, that comment really pissed me off.
Good. But the main Language spoken in the United States in English. Personally, and hope I'm not offending anyone here, If you're going to come to the United States, learn English. And as far as I'm concerned, Puerto Rico isn't the US because you're not taxed like the rest of us Americans. Good, it makes for better debates.
Keith-Kid (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
  • Puerto Rico isn't US - Right. I never said it was.
  • because you're not taxed like the rest of us Americans. - Wrong in 2 ways:
1) We do pay taxes, but its different in a way, I'm not sure how it works

2) There you go again with the Americans being just US. America is North, Central, and South!

America is not just United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But people in the US are called Americans!
Keith-Kid (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
I said, that america isnt just United States. Most people refer to you as americans, because you are the most powerful nation in america
Okay, lets turn to a good resource, not just one's own views.

First, I ran to Wikipedia to confirm that revering to the US as "America" wasn't totally crazy. The disamb. page has the following to say:
"America usually means either:
The Americas, the lands and regions of the Western hemisphere
The United States of America, a country in the Americas"

Okay, so I'm not crazy. You both have your points. Now for a definative source: the Oxford English Dictionary. "America" is oddly absent, so in lieu I chose "American".
"1. a. Belonging to the continent of America. Also, of or pertaining to its inhabitants.
b. American language (usu. with the),
(i) a language of American Indians;
(ii) American English (see sense 3). Also American tongue.
2. a. Belonging to the British colonies in North America (obs.).
b. Belonging to the United States.
c. U.S. spec. (See quot. a1861.)
3. a. Special Combs. American bar "

So, the OED doesn't seem to care how its used country/contient wise.

Keith-Kid: is it really that hard? Chooseausername's developed a method for french: capitalize any letter that should have had an accent.

Extended ASCII test: ñ

Anyway, maybe I could whip up a GM script to fix character encodings ;-)
Some characters do work if you use ASCII code: ñ
Keith-Kid (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
You're right, there are other ways to write the characters, but I meant that I would like it if I could just write like I normally do, Instead of having to resort to using codes for some characters.

I know that it works:

  • ñ (& n t i l d e ;)
  • and capitalized Ñ ( & N t i l d e )
Yes, it is unwieldy for sure. still, it will be very limiting IF say an instructable is in one less universal language and not translated. Still there are times when they are useful even if not writing in "another language" For instance: in the name Schroëder
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