Instructables on ABC's Ahead of the Curve Wednesday Dec. 3

I'll be doing an interview on ABC's Ahead of the Curve, which will air tomorrow (Wednesday Dec. 3) at 5:05 PM ET on ABC News Now. More details after I actually do the interview! Afterwards, it will be posted online.

Update: Just finished. We talked about The Best of Instructables, BlinkyBugs, MobMov, Marshmallow Shooters, Bleaching with Discharge Paste, and How to Get a Free Yacht.

You can watch the ABC interview here.

They will be running clips from this video:

The Best of Instructables: Volume 1 (Full Length) from Instructables on Vimeo.
More news and press about Instructables here.

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Woot woot...I want to meet him ;0) lol
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Awesome! more publicity for Instructables and Eric!
ewilhelm (author) 9 years ago
Just finished the interview!
Here's ABC's video. It's not on their "Ahead of the Curve" Web page yet, but I got it through their search.
All together now:

For he's a jolly good fellow...
For he's a jolly good fellow!
For he's a jolly good fell-el-loooooooow....
For he's a jolly good fellow!
Um, the forth line should be: That nobody can deny. :-)
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