Instructables on Jeopardy!

You guys! How cool is this?! We were on Jeopardy a few weeks back.

Of course we were a clue for the clue for describing an AMAZING DIY resource <3

Thanks Alex Trebek, I could listen to you say "Instructables" all day long.

zieak8 months ago
nerfrocketeer8 months ago
Nice, wish I'd have seen it! :P
Gamer Guy8 months ago
One of the best Jeopardy questions.
Erik_Nite8 months ago
Kiteman8 months ago
So... I wonder if the site had a jump in views just after that aired?
lebowski Kiteman8 months ago
Nope, these kinds of things don't move the traffic needle. Radio shows sometimes will.
Kiteman lebowski8 months ago
And they said that video killed the radio star...
I'll bet you the MTV generation won't even get the reference to that. It could have been worse if the question was answered wrong or have Sean Connery answer it.
grt57 caitlinsdad8 months ago
Trebek, I gave your mother an instructable, last nite... ;-)
caitlinsdad grt578 months ago
(buzzer sounds) Sorry, sorry. What is an electron microscope.
Ironic: Guess which video was the first to play on MTV in the US?
lebowski Kiteman8 months ago
Video killed the radio star? I didn't google that :)
Kiteman lebowski8 months ago
You know, I'm surprised anybody outside the UK got the reference at all...
It just buggles the mind.
The cast of Jersey Shore havent even been born yet.
they played music videos on MTV? Sort of like youtube through cable??

Oh, the youth of today...

lebowski Kiteman8 months ago
Brings back memories
grt578 months ago
I dig it! Deep!
wilgubeast8 months ago
It's also good for other classes, Trebek. Gosh.