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Penolopy Bulnick (author) 3 years ago
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 4 years ago
Have you seen this graphic in the psychology of colour?
So ibles orange is on par with Hooters? uh, Woot!
craftyv Kiteman4 years ago
Point Made. This graphic is so eye catching. Thanks. I love Pinterest and follow a few but I often get lost and don't know how I got there Ha! Ha!
vintammy4 years ago
There are so many pictures to choose from, it is dazzling and difficult. This needs a guided tour
Wow! So many pins... Mine is
darman124 years ago
Awesome achievement! Funny coincidence because I just followed you a few days ago.
I'm on pinterest now... Have only just got started though, somehow I've ended up following too much, think I spent a little long on the clicking on stuff I like on the startup page...
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