Instructables on screen for a photo on a BBC article

Picture of Instructables on screen for a photo on a BBC article
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Kiteman9 years ago
Dang, I read that article and didn't even look at the photo (I mentally wrote it off as "stock image") Anybody recognise the 'ible? Is that your hand??
Patrik Kiteman9 years ago
Dang - same here! :-D Hmm... couldn't find any other occurrences of that image. I was hoping I might find a larger version in another article somewhere, but no luck. Here's a closeup, for those of you who may want to try figure out what the instructable is:
Patrik Patrik9 years ago
Looks like it's an instructable with 13 steps - there can't be that many of those around.
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago

(sorry, it had to be done)
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
(If you check the image's properties, it is a stock image, entitled "Internet Cafe", so it's been around the BBC a while).
uarmcclsky9 years ago
This just goes to show how small our world has become. Even 10 years ago, I would not even have thought of any problem for me with a cable that far away. Makes you realize how vulnerable our current lifestyle is.

Best wishes,

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danielman949 years ago
I noticed this, too! Pretty cool, lol.