Instructables on the OLPC $100 Laptop

Look at how great Instructables looks on the OLPC's small screen! According to Potenco's numberandom, Instructables is the best looking of the sites he's checked out in the small format.

Picture of Instructables on the OLPC $100 Laptop
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Robyntheslug10 years ago
Wow it looks great! I've not seen the final prototype of the 'windup' PCs before. Have they been released to the countries that are elligible to buy them?
Brennn1010 years ago
That looks great. OLPC is such a great program.
sam10 years ago
What size is the screen?
trebuchet03 sam10 years ago
Looks to be one mason jar diagonal :P So from a previous post, it looks like these things can be charged by Potenco's generators (yoyo generators :P) - so how much do these things draw?
The power draw in Ebook reader mode is supposed to be ~1 watt and browsing the web is something around 2 watts, of course the more programs open the more it has to think and therefore takes more go-juice.
How did you get one of these? How is it?
Wow, that is amazing! I wish my computer only drew 2W (I think it averages around 60) :P
numberandom sam10 years ago
I just measured it with a measuring tape, its ~7.5"
trebuchet0310 years ago
Oh... and is that a stack of stickers I see peeking out from behind the laptop? :P