Instructables prize pack?

What is the instructables prize pack, besides the robot t shirt?

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RiverFlame (author) 3 years ago

thanks everyone.

It is usually stickers and a patch. We also throw in anything else we have at the time, sometimes we have had mugs (which never survived shipping), personalized miniature tins, and pins.

Shipping? Those things don't survive hot water!

(Seriously, I've had two crack under the strain of instant coffee!)

Which is why we no longer purchase or send out mugs.

What about the Valentines day contest? The second prize for that is a heart mug. :p

That is a mug we are buying. The Instructables mugs we had made, and apparently the company we used sucks at making durable mugs. I believe we have sent other mugs before without issue.

mh76dk3 years ago

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