Instructables ripoff site?

Just ran across a strange site that appears to be ripping the content from Instructables. See, for example,
Is this something Instructables is working on? If not, then our articles here may be penalized for being "duplicate content."
Just wondering.

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Kiteman4 years ago
That's my project!

It looks like a software bot trawling content from our featured feed, putting the introduction up with links back.

It's weird - there are no adverts, no links to other sites (they link back here!), so I can't see where their money would be coming from. Maybe they're using us to generate clicks, then they can use those numbers to sell the URL to somebody else?

Whatever, it's not an official instructables site (as far as I know).
flyingpuppy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I found it because one of my 'ibles is on there with a link to my own site. It looks like they only have two months' worth of stuff so far, so perhaps they're waiting till it's fleshed out before putting ads on? Anyway, it's duplicate content and I fear Google may penalize Instructables because of that.
If there is more than instructables content in there it may be a dummy site aimed at boosting link backs to other people's sites who have paid a service to try an boost there google ads revenue.
flyingpuppy (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
But it looks like it's ONLY stuff taken off Instructables featured content. It's not for me to worry about. If isn't worried, I'm not.
I have no idea how / if Google do that, so it's not a fear I can usefully address.

Maybe HQ could, but I can't. Sorry.