Instructables server doesn't recognize YouTube's new "iframe" embed codes

Earlier today, a user reported that they couldn't embed videos in their Instructable. They get "unsupported video host" errors. With a great clue from M4industries, I'd like to report this as a new bug (okay, a needed new feature).

YouTube has changed the XML they generate for embedding. The default now uses an "iframe" container, rather than an XML "object" container with nested "param" tags. Instructables' backend scripts don't recognize "iframe" as valid, and report back "Unsupported video host," rejecting the embed request.

For the moment, users need to manually select "Use old embed codes." on YouTube's interface. Hopefully Instructables can add the necessary conditional to their scripts to support this new markup.

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It will not allow me to use the old video code either.
kelseymh (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
Did you have some other box checked? Other users have reported that the "use enhanced security" check box also causes I'bles to barf.
The first attempt of embedding a vdeo was without the "use enhanced security" box checked. And I was using the old type of code.
I just had a bunch of trouble with this. It doesn't work if you tick the enhanced privacy box in the YouTube embed code area either, as far as I can tell. There should really be some error checking or something going on here - or they could just blanket allow iframes from Youtube...
kelseymh (author)  hardwarehank6 years ago
It's not a matter of "allow." They need to write new software to parse the iframe-based embed codes in order to identify it as coming from YouTube, or wherever else. I think that's why it's considered a "new feature" rather than a "bug."
kelseymh (author) 6 years ago


Users continue to report this problem. Any word on when an update to the video-handling code will be rolled out?