Instructables server updates tonight

Instructables is getting a big upgrade tonight (Pacific time). There will be times when you can't edit Instructables or make comments, time when you can't log in, and times when you can't access the site at all. We'll try to keep everything as short as possible, but please bear with us. I promise you're going to love the changes, and I'll tell you more about them when we're sure they're working.

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sam noyoun10 years ago
My library is empty... If I tried to add pictures, they are replaced by a picture of a lawnmower (presumably from the instructable gallery, but my gallery and the instructable gallery seem to be inverted?) Also, I get an error message when I try to publish an instructable. I've tried clearing my cookies, but it did not do anything.
ewilhelm (author)  sam noyoun10 years ago
We have a bug involving usernames with spaces in them and the library. It's being worked on, and hopefully fixed today. Sorry for the trouble.
Hi, sorry to be a pain. But over a day has gone, and it's still not working for me... Is it me, or has it not been fixed yet?
ewilhelm (author)  sam noyoun10 years ago
Username bug should be fixed now.
Yeah it's working thanks, though as I wrote on another thread, the user stats don't seem to be updating...
ewilhelm (author)  sam noyoun10 years ago
Those are also in process of being fixed.
ewilhelm (author)  sam noyoun10 years ago
Sorry. We encountered another error that set back the release with the username fix by a day.
no problem. Thanks for the prompt answer!
photozz10 years ago
For some reason, as of 11:30 am on 4/6, ALLSTEPS seems to be broken. the URL looks right, and when I type it in manually it works, but the button just loops back to the regular view. using Firefox 2.0.03
ewilhelm (author)  photozz10 years ago
We broke ALLSTEPS again! Arghh!! Can you believe it? Hopefully we can get a fix out in a few hours, but maybe not until tonight.
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