Instructables supports SOPA? Say it isn't so!

According to the NoSOPA Chrome extension, this site supports SOPA. Is that true? I was considering a pro account, and would like to know before I put in my card number.

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canida6 years ago
As I said via Twitter, Instructables is definitely not in favor of SOPA.

Our parent company is a bit twitchy on software piracy, but has officially gone on record as being anti-SOPA.
Saying Instructables' parent company is a bit twitchy on software piracy is like saying that alcoholics kind of enjoy a drink every now and again. It's technically true, but an incredible understatement.
Maybe Autodesk should join an APA (Anti-piracy Anonymous) support group?

"Hi, my name is Autocad, and I've used DRM for five years."
"Hi, Autocad!"
woomyse6 years ago
If they are Anti SOPA, why is the server still sending out the SOPA message?
surber (author)  woomyse6 years ago
The server is hosted by a third party. I informed them on Twitter that they should contact the NoSOPA extension developers to get that cleared up, but it may take some time. I hope they do so soon, since I get the heebie-jeebies every time I come here and see that ominous red banner.
Thermionic6 years ago
Thank God. The digital fascism... I mean SOPA bill is a travesty.