Instructables transmogrified

Instructables spelled: I - N - S - T - R - U - C - T - A - B - L - E - S transmogrifies to: Bus Scent Lair Think you can do better?

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Tracts in Selb (yes, Selb is a place)
Ananand8 years ago
Tribunal sects Subtracts Line Caliber Stunts Blaster Tunics Resistant Club
kelseymh8 years ago
Turtles' cabins.

I was trying to do something with scabies, but NTRUTL doesn't really make a word.
Bats lent us ric.
Crabs let us tin
Not that ting again.
Goodhart8 years ago
Normally I strugle with things like this, but how about: Trust in cables ?
...all others pay cash.
Ha! How appropriate, considering the recently bumped forum topic :-)
considering how much of the internet is carried on cable lines....I thought it was very apropos
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