Instructables update

Monday night we did a major upgrade to Instructables. The bulk of the changes were under the hood making the site faster and making it easier for us to build cool new features. I'm sure you've noticed that Instructables now have categories, but also check out the fun ways to combine categories, the new sorting and organizing features of your library, and the increased control over commenting (ability to delete, or remove and leave a stub, if there are responses).

If you find a problem or want something new, please submit a bug.

Have fun!

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Danny10 years ago
erm does this have something to do with there is only 3 pages of instructables and some comments are on that list?
ll.13 Danny10 years ago
Oh No, It's attacked me too! it's bitten me... I feel sorry for you guys. (@ Instructables)
Danny ll.1310 years ago
shame u where such good bait for bigger problems...
Zyzzyan10 years ago
What, not instructable on how to update?
theRIAA10 years ago
AHHHHHH ORANGE!!!... i like it.
dude this is the wrong thing this is for last months update not this one this was posted a month ago i dont know why im doing this it just seemed fun so ya this is the wrong fourum buddy
Like the new functions, and more importantly the new speed! Keep it up!!
Brennn1010 years ago
The speed is great! Awesome Awesome work, everyone who worked on it. Thanks alot. I am sure every user here appreciates it.
dan10 years ago
the speed is great, 10x faster on a lot of common things that were driving me nuts before.
This is great, i've particularly noticed that the forums are much faster!