Instructables website update

Yesterday we made a few changes that will make the site faster and better. The most notable was adding a Solr search server. Our search is now Solr-powered and should be more accurate, faster, and better at helping you find what you want. Solr also works behind the scenes dealing with things like tags and "filter by keyword." With it doing some heavy lifting, there's much less load on the database and application servers, so the site in general should be snappier.

Solr has a ton of customization and configuration that we're still fine tuning. So, if you search for something and don't get what you think you should, leave a comment with your search terms and what you think should have been returned.

There's also a list of synonyms for things like bike = bicycle. Help us fill that list with things specific to Instructables.

As always, if something isn't working, leave a bug report or drop me a message.

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carbon10 years ago
Does this have anything to do with the Explore page's new look? :P
carbon carbon10 years ago
.....Or not? It's gone now :(
ewilhelm (author)  carbon10 years ago
We've been fighting an published date vs. started date problem on the recent page. Also there was an AM/PM bug! It's getting sorted out as I type.
carbon ewilhelm10 years ago
Aren't the actual minutes and hours wrong too? Seeing as how I'm posting this at 4:00, anyway. (East Coast) Oh yeah: The error still shows up if you search for "explore page".
ewilhelm (author)  carbon10 years ago
Our servers are on central time.
carbon ewilhelm10 years ago
Oh, now it works. Before it was really wonky, like minus 2 hours and 17 minutes o.0
Ahh, that explains much -- thanks for posting that :)
canida10 years ago
Sorry, but Solr-powered searches don't decrease your carbon footprint.
LasVegas canida10 years ago