Instructablesss... Come Out and Play!

The Come Out and Play, a massive festival of urban gaming, is back again! And not only that, they are looking for people to submit ideas for urban games. Check it:


The Come Out & Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play. We want to bring together a public eager to rediscover the world around them through play with designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences.

Oh yeah, and we want to have city-size fun.

We are extremely excited to announce that Come Out & Play will be returning to New York City this spring. The festival will run from June 6-8. The excellent bookstore Blue Stockings will play host to the festival and serve as headquarters. The festival will spread across the Lower East Side of Manhattan, bringing the streets to life.

Games will take place in locations around New York, but will be centered around Blue Stockings and the Lower East Side.

We are now accepting applications for this year's festival.

- Submission deadline: April 15
- Notifications: April 30
- Festival: June 6-8

APPLICATION :: To apply, visit and download the application form.
Download directly at:

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Labot20019 years ago
Reminds me of Street Wars...
Brennn109 years ago
Will you guys be there? This is around the time when my school ends, I may take this into consideration!