Instructacon BBQ Seagull Capture.

Seagull attack!

We couldn't trap this slick beast. But the BBQ was fun anyway. Hope to see more of you here next year, and check out some pictures here!


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Kiteman9 years ago
All you need is a bigger box, propped higher, with the food further back from the prop...

However, as a member of the RSPB, I need to point out that I didn't actually say that...
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
A vaguely-related video from Clipser

And a similar one from YouTube (can you spot the squirrel that is starting to learn its lesson?)

Rishnai Kiteman9 years ago
That is awesome. For a while there I was wondering if the squirrel was enjoying it. 'Cause if that had been me, and the box was baited with ribs, I'd be well-fed and happy, if not a little bruised up. That looks like fun!



Lol, keep cracking up!
=SMART= Kiteman9 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the greatest video in the world !!!!
I can see death spikes on a wall with lots of squirrels hanging off of them... that is awesome though
KANahas Kiteman9 years ago
Gjdj3 Kiteman9 years ago
Hahaha. That's awesome (the one from youtube). I'm going to build one of those for my back yard!
That is hilarious ! gives me an idea for keeping jewelry safe LOL
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