Instructacon Welcoming At The Airport

As some of you know this week it's INSTRUCTACON here at home base in San Francisco. The interns here were instructed to throw a welcoming for one of the attendees, jessyratfink. And everyone knows by welcome her they meant to grab her from the airport dressed in strange garb while making no introductions.
So... here's proof we captured the elusive jessyratfink.

Let the instructacon games begin! (Anyone have any ideas for a t-shirt?)

Picture of Instructacon Welcoming At The Airport
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puffyfluff9 years ago
Ahhh, poor jessyratfink.
jollex9 years ago
Have you guys ever had Knexer interns?
Mepain stopped by just the other day!
Did he bring any knex things?
Mepain jollex9 years ago
No, but I did bring Nebulos, my latest Instructable.
(What is instructacon?)
A con (convention) for instructables interns. We have events and everything! Which kinda just turned out to be me. No one else was able to come. I am the noob here!
*sobs* I was invited to instructables summer camp this year (I guess this is what it was)...AND I HAD TO TURN IT DOWN!!! (previous committment!)


It's true. Canida PMed me inviting me to "instructables summer camp", as she called it. A completely unavoidable situation prevented me from coming-I had committed to this months in advance, there was simple no way to back out of it. :'(
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