Instructazine - "Know of any upcoming events?"

Do anybody know of any upcoming events that should be added to the instructazine's calendar?

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channelztv6 years ago
Someone has your domain name
*look at the date this was posted*

This idea hasn't been active for about 4 years now.
sounds cool!!!!
westfw10 years ago
15-Jan-07 Freescale Black Widow Design Challenge $10k+ design contest begins
25-Jan-07 Real Time and Embedded Comuting Conference Santa Clara Convention Center
07-Feb-07 Design Stellaris Contest Entry deadline
06-apr-07 Freescale Black Widow Design Challenge Freescale contest deadline
01-Apr-07 Embedded Systems Conference San Jose Convention Center

Many of the conferences have free admission to "exhibits" and some presentations. Some of the contests have reduced-price or free development tools associated with them. Alas, sometimes there is an age limit (especially for the conferences.)
westfw westfw10 years ago
oops. Just read the "welcome to instructazine" and I guess this isn't quite the stuff you're looking for...
akimbo m (author)  westfw10 years ago
Don't worry, So are these generally for programmers? or can people who like to make or hack stuff come here?
westfw akimbo m10 years ago
Programmers and hardware designers, I guess. I always find it particularly interesting to see the "products" aimed at allowing people to do both (programming tools for HW people, design tools for programmers...) I don't think it's REQUIRED that you be a pro to attend or participate in such things. For the shows there are usually neat giveaways, samples, tutorials, and demos.
dogsrcool2me10 years ago
science olimpiad