Interactive robot art installation on the streets of NYC

This is so intriguing to me. A NYC based artist, Kacie Kinzer, did a very interesting social experiment. She wondered if a human-like creature could traverse the sidewalks of New York City, and perhaps provide insight into human interaction and urban connectivity.

So she built robots. Naturally.

The artist built small robots (which were rather errily similar looking to our robot!), attached a white flag to the top stating the its destination, and let them loose. The results were surprising - not a single robot was crushed, chomped, stolen, lost or broken. All the "tweenbots", as their creator dubbed them, safely reached their destinations with the help of kindhearted citygoers.


Picture of Interactive robot art installation on the streets of NYC
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wenpherd8 years ago
are these made out of card board?
Lithium Rain (author)  wenpherd8 years ago
Yep - well, cardboard covering some simple electronics.
wenpherd8 years ago
Kiteman8 years ago
That is an awesome project - so many people helping toys.

A thought: I wonder if films like Toy Story affect the way people react in experiments like this?
Luckily Toy Story was more popular then Small Soldiers :-)
Lithium Rain (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I wouldn't be at all surprised if movies such as Toy Story were shown to affect the degree to which people anthropomorphize inanimate objects - I know I sure looked at my toys differently after seeing it (don't laugh). (Yes, I did try to catch them in the act by running back after I put them away, or leaving them in the dark and standing quietly for what seemed hours and then quicklyturningthelightsbackon!. Don't judge me :D )
Toys are alive !
zeke348 years ago
Looks like it's on a K'nex chassis. Definetly disposable.
dude i saw that and i honestly thought i was hallucinating again did a couple of double takes and was still confused lol
jeff-o8 years ago
Awwww, he's so cute! How could you NOT help him?
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