Interactive whiteboard

Hi every one , this is my first time here so please be gentle lol

I was wondering if i could build an interactive whiteboard using the same technices to build a multitouche table .
but i can't think of where to put the camera to capture the IR light and trace it ...

can you help me please?????

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TheSizixe (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for replaying , and yes I did but this is not what I really want ...
However, can I replace the wiimote by a IR camera ? ?
WHY ? The Wiimote IS an IR camera, only one with "blob" detection and tracking done in hardware - you won't beat it in discrete bits.
So what is it that you want or had in mind?
1. Where do you want to have the camera - in front, on top, side, bottom, back of transluscent whiteboard surface?
2. You want to use a webcam based system which there are ibles for that...
3. You want a zero-depth whiteboard and do not want it to protrude?
4. Is this to be used in conjunction with a computer display or you want to use it to just record what you write on the whiteboard?
5. The programming interface that the build refers to was done with a wiimote, unless you have a seperate interface specific for your IR camera, you would have to develop one on your own.
According to the text of the video, the wiimote *has* an IR camera.
caitlinsdad6 years ago