Interest in Gundam Models

I have been surprised that there isn't a Gundam modeling tutorial on Instructables. If theres an interest in Gundam Models here I could post quite a few in-depth Instructables on the subject(custom painting. custom parts making and assembly). Thanks in advance for any and all comments.(And thanks to DannyChoo for the pic)

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just check my gundam slideshows... they should be the first ones on search when you search.."gundam"
heyyy! i was wondering why there werent any ibles on intructables about modeling too!!! i was going to post some tips and etc... but i figured i wouldnt waste the time if no one was interested
darkmuskrat (author) 9 years ago
Hey guys, so i have finished a few projects and im just creating there instructables. It should be on here sometime in september(because of a local convention im going to will take up some time)
nagutron9 years ago
Man, I was obsessed with these things as a kid. I'd love to see how a real hobbyist/expert put them together and finished them.
darkmuskrat (author)  nagutron9 years ago
Thanks nugutron. Even though I wouldn't consider myself an expert quite yet. And after receiving a few replies I'm off to the hardware store to buy supplies for my project...Look forward to it :P
Ora9 years ago
That would be AWESOME. I just got 5 models, and I've recently become a perfectionist, and I don't want to start unless I know EXACTLY what I'm doing. What would help as much as a tutorial on building and painting etc. is a few links on places to get paint, top coat, markers, and the such.
darkmuskrat (author)  Ora9 years ago
Hurray! A response; (hobby links japan) they have Everything! and I live in Vancouver so I go to the Crystal Mall for all my supplies but it also depends where you live. and what models do u have...
Ora darkmuskrat9 years ago
darkmuskrat (author)  Ora9 years ago
Lol, i got a ball as a gag gift for a friend.

And this week I will(hopefully) have a full quide for painting a
1:60 PG, strike rouge
to this color

and the models I have are(get ready to read a lot)
Strike Freedom Lightning Edition(Im in the process of making this run off a 120V wall outlet
Blitz Gundam
Sword Impulse GundamAegis Gundam
Dynames Gundam
and the Nirvash: Type Zero(i know, not a gundam)
BB Blaze Zaku
BB Stargazer Gundam