Interest in MMORPG Figurines?

Hey I was thinking about making personalized miniature figurines of people's MMORPG characters. All MMORPGS would be available for the service, except World of Warcraft, because that one already has a figurine service, using 3d printers and theres no way I could ever beat that. I wanted to know if people would be interested in it. I would also make NPC's like the big bosses etc. I myself don't play a MMORPG but I quickly made a Runescape character and a figurine of it as an example, see the image below. I'm planning to make the commercial ones a little bigger, around 15 cm in height(this one is really small), so those would also have better detail. You can see I made this character quickly, it still has a beginner's equipment!

Picture of Interest in MMORPG Figurines?
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jekyllhyde8 years ago
I am interested in in purchasing many specific figurines that could be reproduced. I would like to know approximate costs and see samples. I need them for one specific set of creatures, and custom avatars. I would appreciate price quotes on cheap replicas through moderately high end sets. Please e-mail me for specifics as I want this to be fairly confidential. Thank you in advance Mike Ikard
Kryptonite8 years ago
Nicely done! I especially like the folds of the pants. Haven't played RuneScape in a while, but I think that you've done quite nice! The eyes add a real personality as well. I'm not sure, but there's an especially high level monster in rs called a TzTok-Jad that might make a nice figurine.
merijnvw (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
sorry for the late reaction Thanks, I think I'll try that TzTok-Jad!
Cool, don't forget to post if / when you get it done!
A good name8 years ago
Those are pretty cool, but I'll stick to lego for now, sorry :P
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
I think it would be AWESOME if I could have my rs player turned into model! I think it would also be AWESOME to have a smaller one to use for D&D, but me and my dad don't use physical pieces.
KentsOkay8 years ago
I'd say that's a pretty sweet model. I know if i was still playing 'scape I'd probably buy one.
Jayefuu8 years ago
I don't play RS any more but I can email a friend or two I used to play with for a screenshot of them from several angles if you'd like to try your hand at making some figurines with more detailed armour/equipment.
Jayefuu Jayefuu8 years ago
PS it's a pretty neat model you did!
merijnvw (author) 8 years ago
By the way, why can you rate forum threads??
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