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I live in the UK so my question is can gift certificates be used on and if not then can stuff be shipped to the UK? If not then is the only option to sell the gift certificate on ebay? Thanks -Josh

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Kiteman10 years ago
That depends - are ".com" and "" utterly separate companies?
Kiteman Kiteman10 years ago
Kiteman Kiteman10 years ago
Good news: "Ordering an item from We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations, so be sure to check out our shipping restrictions page."
5Volt Kiteman10 years ago
To me the issue is not shipping, but how much the winner will be paying for delivery, import taxes and import handling for the carrier, the same issue I had for the LASER cutter contest. I bought a programmer for a micro in the US and paid the same amount for the programmer and the above dues.... I understand there's not much to do about that. I'm working at an instructable to post but I'm not sure that if I'm lucky enough to win I'll redeem myself the prize...Too bad there's not an agreement with and .com (and .de and .fr). Ciao
Kiteman 5Volt10 years ago
Hey, if you win but don't want to redeem the prize, pass it on to me - I'm sure there'll be enough left of $1500 after taxes to make it worth my while ;-)
5Volt Kiteman10 years ago
!! I'm not saying I'd not redeem, but would think about it : 1500 USD could mean 450 USD in taxes, delivery and import handling by the carrier....I'd have to balance the goods against the fee i'd have to pay. In case I'd consider passing it on to you ! Ciao K. 5Volt
josh92176 (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Thanks Kiteman I'll definitely enter now. All I need is an idea. Hmm...