Internet Treasure Hunt

So…I had a idea.
I've decided to create an internet treasure hunt. Here's how it works. I will give you a clue to begin with. If you solve that clue, PM the answer. You then will recieve another clue. WARNING this will be tricky and will require smart minds and solving skills. There are around 10 clues, getting proggresivly harder. If you would like to participate, comment below. (Hint: Pay attention to text structure, word choice, and be very observent and you will go far)

First Place: Patch, Subscribe, Choice of gift card (Best buy, Target, Itunes), 20$, My respect
Second Place: Patch, Subscribe, Choice of gift card (Best Buy, Target, Itunes (after first place selects), 10$
Third Place: Patch, Subcribe, Which ever gift card remaining, 5$

Leaderboard so far
Catfang:Clue 3
jsplude: Clue 3
carcaveman: Clue 3

Starting clue
Why Isn't Kite-flying Interesting?
Can Animals Think?

CONTENTS 7.2=____________

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catfang4 years ago
Okay, I'm game. What do I do?
patriots8888 (author)  catfang4 years ago
decode the secret message up above. PM me the answer and I will give you the next clue
Lucas224 years ago
I've sent and PM ;)
Harvard824 years ago
When does this thing end?
patriots8888 (author)  Harvard824 years ago
first to clue 10..but I might cut clue 3...
If you decide to cut it, please tell us the answer....
JB Baskets4 years ago
I am going to try this but may not get too far.
im in
modaawesome4 years ago
im in
sancc4 years ago
:) sounds interesting. I'll join.
carcaveman4 years ago
I'm stumped on clue number 3...
OK, I sent in an answer for clue #3 (3rd try). I hope this is right!!
patriots8888 (author)  carcaveman4 years ago
its a hard one.. don't worry i know you'll get it
I'm in!
Sounds like fun. Count me in. But can I get a clue where the 1st clue is? ?
patriots8888 (author)  barefootbohemian4 years ago
Look up...
Shhhhh. I saw it right after I posted. Was hoping o one noticed how ditzy I am. So don't tell the others ok? Lol!
JonahLuck4 years ago
I'll play. :)
Harvard824 years ago
I'm in...check your inbox.
shadowfeet4 years ago
I want to play!
smokeypwns4 years ago
I want to participate
ababbtx4504 years ago
I want to participate
sonicsizer4 years ago
I want to participate
pyromanic4 years ago
just sent clue
Incubus874 years ago
i want to participate
patriots8888 (author)  Incubus874 years ago
ok PM me when you have answers
nurdee14 years ago
I would like to participate.
patriots8888 (author)  nurdee14 years ago
Ok, first clue is above
VHIT17174 years ago
Who do i send the pm to?
patriots8888 (author)  VHIT17174 years ago
Hehe that was my 500th comment!
lemonie4 years ago
Your 13 and offering to give $60-worth of prizes to people who play your game?
I suspect that you don't expect anyone to win.

1. Because the wind blows.
2.We do, but better than the ones in cell block 13.
3. less product than you would expect to find in an 8 ounce can.

He did preface it with ...it was only an idea
patriots8888 (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
ATTENTION THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER TO CLUE 1!!!!! (Everyone thinks the answer is Because the wind blows)….
patriots8888 (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Keep in mind I said it would be tricky…but not impossible
You wouldn't rather spend the $ yourself? It seems rather generous for a mind-game.

patriots8888 (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Now that you mention it...
Thinking, Thinking, Thinking,
Agh my brain!
ilpug4 years ago
I'm in.
carcaveman4 years ago
This sounds like fun. Sent a PM with the first answer...
patriots8888 (author)  carcaveman4 years ago
Well done clue 2 has been sent
answer #2 sent.....
patriots8888 (author)  carcaveman4 years ago
hint #3 sent….
jsplude4 years ago
I PM'd you the answer...I'll bite...not too hard when your husband is hella smart like mine :)
patriots8888 (author)  jsplude4 years ago
You are in the lead!
thank you! just found the answer to clue 2 - excited for clue 3 :)