.Internet on psp

...I would like help on obtaining internet on my psp..i don't have a wireless router..or any other devices like that....can anyone help me out in obtaining internet on psp...plz..

taz0078 years ago
Honestley- its is gunna cost you some how, i highly reccomend the USB WiFi devices, they cost about $40 there all over sites like Ebay. I was once in the same situation (because wireless broadband was so expensive) but this just plugs in and goes, so its well worth it. but if you really don't want to spend any money- go to the city- places like airports , cafes ect. and "scan" for WiFi. theres almost always a few connection points.
ok, first go into the browser, then put in a link url like google.com. Then when the connection screen comes up, search for a router in range. try it and give me the results when it is done.
pawi (author)  Thelonelysandwitch9 years ago
... thanks for the info.. but i've tried it and it doesn't work... do you have any other ideas that can help me???..
yeah, just read the message that I sent to you.