Internships at Instructables

Instructables needs interns, starting as soon as September! We're looking for smart, interesting people who can write well, are computer literate (sysadmin or coding skills are a definite plus, but not absolutely necessary), and are excited about sharing their knowledge with others. You'd do some site maintenance, community outreach, image manipulation, and some of the odds and ends necessary to make Instructables go. You'll also spend a few hours each week working on projects for your own Instructables, building things, taking pictures, and learning to use all of our fun tools! We'll pay you, too.

You need to be creative, self-motivated, and learn quickly - things move fast in a start-up. We're particularly interested in people who are already involved with the site - a good set of well-written Instructables speaks louder than a long resume. If you're new to the site, show us something awesome that you've personally created. We want to know what you can do!

Instructables is located in Alameda, CA (SF East Bay) with Squid Labs.

Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other useful information to internships at instructables (dot com).

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Hmmm living in the great Land Down Under doesn't seem to be of much use, any internships/jobs/ over the net perhaps?
Brennn1010 years ago
Well I am taking a C++ class in school this year, and along with some engineering course. Hopefully I can be an intern in 2 years.
Wow, what grade are you in? I am in middle school, and our technology class doesn't even teach any languages. They just teach you stuff like how to use Publisher. Luckily, me and a friend get out to write an OS, since we're the 'school geeks.'
I am going to be a junior in high school (11th grade). Since I am transferring to a new school for my junior and senior year, I didn't have any open spaces for an elective. I had to fulfill the Driver's ED, Morality, and Health/PE requirement.
You're lucky. They just don't really teach any science here.
Interning here is pretty awesome. There are always a few dozen things going on that are typically amazing.
I sure would love to intern...
comodore9 years ago
I am from Europe. I would love to intern. I want to spend my free time improveing Instructables. My only flawe is spelling. English isn't my native language so I can't spell that good, but whit electronic dictionarys its not a problem any more. I have lots and lots and lots of more ideas and gadgets that I have made just didn't make an Instructable. Am I too late??? :)
sardines45410 years ago
You have to live SF don't you? I really would love to be an intern but I live on the east coast.
Bay area anyway. A lot of folks live in Oakland or Berkeley. East coast is a little far, though.
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