Intro to MITERS

Here's a nice introductory video for MITERS, the MIT club that Eric, Tim Anderson, and the Squid Labs team used as their clubhouse/home base for building awesome things while at MIT.  Looks like people are still learning new things, and making good use of the tools and shop space.

Picture of Intro to MITERS
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godofal7 years ago
this looks like heaven for me o.O
nickodemus7 years ago
That's great! If at all possible, someone should contact them and let them know about Instructables. They would LOVE it! (And they would be contributing members!)
We are indeed active on Instructables and many of our members have accounts.

Our group is: and our club website is
My geeky sons are both hoping to get to MIT, they're currently 12 and 10, so we have some time yet....
That's great to hear!
caitlinsdad7 years ago
...and still haven't learned the basics of wearing eye protection when doing high-speed milling of metal parts.  Geek googles are cool.
... yet the only flying metal that hit anybody was the size of your palm...
more like the milling and lathe, like the guy hovers over to take a closer look.  Maybe give him a tie to wear also.
I've lost count the number of times people stare at your work while being THIS CLOSE to me and the machine. >:(
PKM7 years ago
Why weren't/aren't there any of these where I went to uni?

Oh yeah, I would have failed my degree because making robots is clearly more fun than revising discrete maths.  And now I can make robots in my free time.
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