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Well, now we have a suitable place to do this... let everyone know who you are, school?, job?, future plans, etc... My Name is Paul - I'm a Mechanical Engineering student (third year) and I go to school at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. I currently don't have a job (other than little things around campus) - but I'm looking for an internship or even better an externship. As for the future -- I really don't want to work for someone else after I graduate. I don't know how that's going to work out just yet - so I continue to network...

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KentsOkay10 years ago
Um, I'm like ah me. I'm big on Instructables that a written by people fully knowledgable on the subject that there wrigting on. I'm entering high school here in Texas, I'd love to go to MIT for Aerospace Enginering, and I've always wanted to live in Scotland or NZ.
Oh yah, would anybody be willing to tell me what I need to do to go to MIT?
A super strong work ethic. The best people I met while at MIT all worked really really hard.
Right, but like, what grades and stuff?
Ok. I remember applying to MIT and my mindset, and I know at that time I wouldn't have accepted "strong work ethic" as an answer; I would have pressed for more specific details. So, here you go: - I got straight A's all through highschool. My highschool actually did percentage grades, so my transcript was full of 99's and 95's. - I took every AP class offered, and with 5's on the tests placed out of the first semester of chemistry, biology, calculus, and physics at MIT (I actually opted to take the first semester of "physics with advanced math" known as 8.012 because it sounded like fun. Good thing I did, because the professor, Wolfgang Ketterle, turned out to be a Nobel Prize winner. I explicitly remember the day he showed up obviously frazzled for class, apologized for not having slept because his research group had made a break-through the previous evening, and explained how to make Bose Einstein condensate.). The European and American history, and Government AP tests didn't get me out of anything, but I took them too. - I got a 1380 on the SATs. I don't know how many times they've been re-centered, so this number may have no bearing on you whatsoever. My verbal score of 520 was embarrassingly low. I had no concept of what a comma was, or how to use it, and my vocabulary was poor. Both have (marginally?) improved since. - I started "The Outdoors Club" and organized caving and rock climbing trips. - With my best friend as vice president, I ran for school president anonymously. We plastered the school with "Vote Mystery!" posters ("Ignorance is Strength, Vote Mystery!" was one of my favorites), and only announced who we really were at the last minute because we couldn't get "The Mystery Candidates" on the ballot. We won a plurality, but the school decided to hold a run-off, which we very narrowly lost. My entire plan was to expose school government as a sham popularity contest and dismantle it from the inside. Word of my plan got out, and probably was the cause of the run-off, the first ever in the student government's history. Tongue-in-cheek, I publicly called the whole thing illegal, and declared that if the all students would rise up with me, I'd cancel pep-rallies and we could all go home early rather than pack into the gym to pretend we liked the football, or worse, the basketball team. I used this experience as the basis for my application essay to MIT. - I was actually arrested on a couple of occasions for building and using items that now appear in one form or another on this site. Even though I said, "I plan to cause trouble at every opportunity" in my essay, I guess MIT didn't check too closely! So what should you do? Give your full and best effort to all things, both work and play.
I've been having trouble in school - not because I'm bad in any of my subjects (my teachers all realize that I can do the work in my classes more easily than any of the other students in my classes - besides in history, that is) but because I can't find the drive to actually do my homework. I get straight A's on the tests and I do projects, all the time, that could be used as extra credit in my classes. I know that some colleges look at grade history and see a jump in the grades at some point in highschool and say "Hey, look at that! He got motivated!", but I'm not sure how MIT would react.

I'm only fifteen years old, and I've never taken any SAT test, and I've never applied for any colleges, as I'm only a freshman. I'm just hoping to God that there's a way that i can correct my errors. I'm working, right now, to make money for MIT at my website along with for some of my research. My website is called Tesla Surplus. And, also, for donations I have a link at the bottom of the page, or you can click here
canida ewilhelm10 years ago
I got better SAT scores than that when I was in 8th grade.

Obviously you can't do much math now either, because 1380-520=860, which is hard to get out of a max 800! Heh.
John Smith canida10 years ago
8th grade? I thought it was only in high-school? (unless you take it in 7th grade like I did... ...for the Duke University Talent Identification Program)
canida John Smith10 years ago
I took it in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade for some experimental program. It was amusing, but killed a weekend morning.
John Smith canida10 years ago
...I really feel sorry for you. :p

The one time I took it for the Duke TIP program, last year in 7th grade (I'm going into 8th grade),I hated. I don't have any patience, which is why it was probably so bad for me, though.
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