Introducing: Design Challenges!

Design Challenges will be in addition to our other contests. Here is what makes them different than our traditional contests and challenges:
  • You do not create step-by-step Instructables for these contests.
  • Create 3D designs using Fusion360, Tinkercad, or any program that allows you to make .STL files.
  • Design Challenges can only be entered from the contest page.
  • We will usually provide start files to get you started (this will be dependent on the contest and its theme).
Our first one is the BOSEbuild Design Challenge. If you have questions specific to the BOSEbuild Challenge, the Speaker Cube, or creating your own custom designs, you can post those questions here.

If you have questions about Design Challenges and what they are going to be like, post them here!

*If you want to upload more than 1 STL file, upload your main design file in the "Add Design File" section and upload any supporting renders of the design, additional .stl files, or other relevant images to the "Add Images" section.*

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AlexAndAmigos4 months ago

is there a page anywhere showing all the design contests?

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  AlexAndAmigos4 months ago

Currently, they are just mixed in with the other contests. The only other one we have going on right now is the Fidget Spinner Design Challenge. Just over a week left to enter!

One more question, On the robot design contest it says you must be a student to enter. I am home-schooled which legally means I am a student. Am I elegible to enter?

Penolopy Bulnick (author)  AlexAndAmigos3 months ago

Yes, that is fine.

LukeK19904 months ago

The results are in.. Well done to all the winners!! Thank you everyone responsible for putting this together and thanks for my runner up prize pack :)

SohanA14 months ago

Penolopy could you tell me where I went wrong. I want to make sure I don't make the same mistake in the future.

Hi Penolopy. I was wondering if I could have some more information on why I wasn't choosen as a finalist? Did I break any rules? Did I not recieve enough votes? Thanks for your help

even I have the same doubt. I was also wondering where I went wrong.

I've seen your design few days ago, and it is great, I thought you'd be part of the finalists! However I read somewhere that they tried to print the designs, and yours seems a bit unbalanced. Maybe it was not stable once printed? Plus the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is 12cm long, and your design seems 4 or 5 times longer, which makes about 50 or 60 cm long (which is really big and almost impossible to print on many 3D printers). Anyway it looks great to me!

Looking at the finalist, several of the designs break the rules of only designs on 2 opposing sides. Im sorry if I sound whinny, but the contest needs to select finalist that adhere to the rules.

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