Introducing the Kiteman number

Seeing the new Kiteman 'ible "Welding a barbeque", it strikes me we ought to develop a "kiteman number" here, like the Erdos number beloved of mathematicians. The K-number is the number of steps between your 'ibles collaborators and Kiteman.

Clearly Perryscope, Kiteman's co-conspirator on the barbeque has a K-number of 1.

I myself claim K-number of 1 too. If you collaborate with someone with a Knumber of 1, then you have a knumber of 2 etc.

What's yours ?


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yokozuna7 years ago
So if I two of my three collabs are with Kiteman, can the number go below one? At the very least I claim K1, even if he can't name either of them, or even remember me. :)
steveastrouk (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
No, it's not cumulative, its a distance from. So you are K1.
Other known K1s besides myself: Randofo, ll.13, steveastrouk, jayefuu, Lftndbt, lebowski, canida, thermoelectric, Keith-Kid, killerjackalope, LinuxHx0r, RavingMadStudios, bumpus, Rachel, fungus amungus, Spl1nt3rC3ll, jessyratfink, PKM, Ninzerbean, noahw, Weissensteinburg, Goodhart, CameronSS, depotdevoid, kelseymh, StumpChunkman, ewilhelm, Lithium Rain, =SMART=, Sunbanks, ChrysN, Labot2001, The 4th Doctor, scoochmaroo, NachoMahma, nagutron, KentsOkay, gmjhowe
PKM yokozuna7 years ago
Weeee, K-number 1! Maybe it's time to adapt the statistics script to look up collaborations and find people with K-number 2 and 3 as well.
Kiteman7 years ago

kcls Kiteman7 years ago
New favorite thing to type?

I saw it in a few other places...
Kiteman kcls7 years ago
It is my favourite emoticon.

(As I get older, I need to use it more and more...)
Devrimm7 years ago
Alright!! So, I am the K- number of 1 and 2 too!! To collaborate with someone is very well. It is the best way to have absents from a friend!! Thanks to all!!!
caitlinsdad7 years ago
I've have stalked admired the man from afar.  He has been the subject of many of my ibles although he has not really been in them(not willingly at least). I don't even know how to start to figure out those odds.
steveastrouk (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Well, if you've worked on something with Nacho, you now have a K number of 2
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