Invisible Comments, now with video.

I've just noticed - if you enclose a comment in <pointy brackets>, they don't show up on your "comments" page.  You just get an empty space with the name of the person who posted it.

I guess the system thinks that the contents of <pointy brackets> are supposed to be code of some sort, but it's an odd effect anyway.

As an aside - what is the best you can do with the image below?

(The second version is a PNG file, just in case you'd prefer.)

Lemonie's video...

Picture of Invisible Comments, now with video.
empty comment.JPG
empty comment.PNG
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Kwitmeh37 years ago
 <test again>
it works!
Kiteman (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox7 years ago
<Told you>
<Oh man, this changes EVERTHING. Well, what about links?>

Kiteman (author)  dungeon runner7 years ago
I just got the link, not your first comment.
Hmmm, Interesting. *Laughs maniacally*.

Wow, I got a reply from the Kiteman. This is a bit of an honor!
Kiteman (author)  dungeon runner7 years ago
Huh?  Why?

The novelty does wear off...eventually.
Heh. I think it's almost a requirement ritual for newbies on the site to get a reply from one of the famous instructablers. Like a Makers brotherhood.
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