Invisible cars.

Two approaches to making cars "invisible" - change the look of the car, and change the nature of the car.

Art car and wire car via Science Forums.

Picture of Invisible cars.
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DJ Radio7 years ago
Lol, the artist in the first picture kind of looks like Lindsay Lohan. But anyways, here is a REAL invisible car (there is a car in the middle of the lot that is invisible) :
Could you take another pic to prove that the lot isn't empty? Maybe semi-invisible, or something. Or put a sign on the top of the car?
*sigh* the lot is empty. There is no invisible car. I was joking about the invisible car.
RSV26 DJ Radio4 years ago
its impossibal to ''clock'' some thing try CRYSIS
i kinda figured u were
Dude, stop trying to post in every single forum category.
ok,sorry ill stop.......
I didn't want to blame you, and start a flame war! If you could do it that well, you could vanish houses, while making it look like a car.
I agree...
Provided she's not stoned off her but, Lohan is hawt...
Lohan is hawt? You're right, she's probably on fire. most likely caused by a rash...
Ahh come on, be nice to the celebrities :D
You're crazy if you think she's attractive...
Not to mention the whole Samantha Ronson bit...
Yada yada... *has Lohan as of Herbie Fully Loaded as mental image*
Too right... She's young Britney Spears!
I see it.
that car at the edge of the picture is a different car that just got in our shoot. The car is in teh middle of the lot.
I didn't even see that honestly.
lol, I have succeeded in making a TRUE invisible car!
How do I know it's even there?
Its a joke based off the story called "the emperor's new clothes"
What? Aren't you smart enough to see the car (that's not there)?
yeah! I made that car! (jk)
:-) I loved that story as a kid. But it has HUGE political implications in this day and age.
dombeef yourcat7 years ago
He is joking!
yeah i am.
Yeah lol
onrust4 years ago
oh its true
KentsOkay7 years ago
Or of course you could just through a good looker in the view and unless its a really awesome car, most guys at least wont notice it.
Example of car that would draw MY attention away:
what????? really???? that's bad... :( this is one of the best looking car from that era...!!!
 In a positive manner
Example of a car that would draw MY attention away:
Jeese. I bet I can roller skate faster...
you most probably do... good bet
Have at it.

I love top gear! Mostly because the short one was the host of Brainiac.
And the tall one was the host of Robot Wars.
Really? I never watched Robot Wars, but I think I can speculate on the content.
Aww, it is not working...
I take it you're a fan of the Stingray? Me too.
Very much so. I've set a Two Year Plan to save up enough money to buy a C3 from 1980-82, repaint it, drop a new flex-fuel engine in it (out of a Suburban maybe?), completely redo the interior, paint it blue with silver racing stripes and go be awesome in it :D If I had the money I'd get a C2, or even better, a split window ('64) :D Needless to say I want the cheapest POS I can get that the body is still in decent shape.
Kiteman (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
(Unless, of course, they've been lucky enough to have already found their perfect lady.)
Quite makin' me jealous!!
Quit fail.
Jayefuu6 years ago
lilandonaki7 years ago
if its not photoshopped, then where are the shadows? yeah...
on the first photo they are definitely there , but on the second , its dark and no ambient light is present , and as its wire frame , the shadows will be almost invisible
Under the car. Under the artist's chin. Under the picnic table in the upper left background. From the consistent position of those shadows, I infer that the picture was taken pretty close to local solar noon, presumably to get the best lighting. You can also take a look at the other links I posted below, which show different views of the vehicle in position, including one where the forced-perspective is out of alignment. For the wire sculpture car, the picture(s) were taken at night with a flash. If you have ever done any exterior night photography, then you will already be familiar with the lack of shadows, since the flash induces shadows directly behind the subject. If you don't know that, then I'm not sure that you have the expertise necessary to judge whether something's been digitally modified or not.
nice, lighting burn
Sometimes the only thing you can do is link to the relevant xkcd...
:-) As much fun as inserting "no pun intended" randomly in conversation.
But I see them...
Plasmana7 years ago
Haha! It is so funny that the wire car actually got tickets from the police!
Has anyone seen another angle on her car? If it was mine there would be a whole lot more pictures out there. I'm not ready to believe it quite yet....
From any other angle, in fact even from some other distance, the image wouldn't look anything like "transparent." It would just be a weirdly painted car. Take a look at the Forced-Perspective I'ble for another example of the same technique.
That's exactly my point - I'm still thinking this might be a little less than honest until I see one of those 'this car isn't invisible at all' pictures.
The first picture demonstrates camouflage. Still her disclaimer is pretty much summed up in the article with: Ms Watson, a second year student, said: "I was experimenting with the whole concept of illusion but needed something a bit more physical to make a real impact."
Ah! Yes, I see your point, and it makes sense. In the I'ble I posted, the author explicitly included pictures from other angles to demonstrate the power of the illusion.

I guess that, since it was meant to be art, rather than an engineering or graphic design tutorial, such practicalities would detract from the artistic merit of the endeavor.
Warning! Sarcasm alert!
It took some searching, but I found a blog with two pictures, as well as a link (via rabble.ca) to an off-alignment picture from her local paper.
Flumpkins7 years ago
The wire car looks awesome
Chicken22097 years ago
come someone explain to me exactly was has happened in the first picture is the car painted?
Kiteman (author)  Chicken22097 years ago
Yes, by the woman in the picture.

Didn't you read the links?
I failed to see any a literal connection that says the car was painted
Kiteman (author)  Chicken22097 years ago
The first two lines of the first link read;

"A design student made a battered old Skoda "disappear" by painting it to merge with the surrounding car park."
it was in bold too D:
lemonie7 years ago
Wow L
its a lion7 years ago
It took me a minute to figure out what the second car was. I'm like... there's no way that's not Photoshopped. Nevermind. It's wire.