Invisible cars.

Two approaches to making cars "invisible" - change the look of the car, and change the nature of the car.

Art car and wire car via Science Forums.

Picture of Invisible cars.
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Lol, the artist in the first picture kind of looks like Lindsay Lohan. But anyways, here is a REAL invisible car (there is a car in the middle of the lot that is invisible) :
Could you take another pic to prove that the lot isn't empty? Maybe semi-invisible, or something. Or put a sign on the top of the car?
*sigh* the lot is empty. There is no invisible car. I was joking about the invisible car.
RSV26 DJ Radio5 years ago
its impossibal to ''clock'' some thing try CRYSIS
i kinda figured u were
Dude, stop trying to post in every single forum category.
ok,sorry ill stop.......
I didn't want to blame you, and start a flame war! If you could do it that well, you could vanish houses, while making it look like a car.
I agree...
Provided she's not stoned off her but, Lohan is hawt...
Lohan is hawt? You're right, she's probably on fire. most likely caused by a rash...
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