IoT server / gateway

Hello Instructables,

Like a lot of people lately I'm experimenting with IoT and Home Automation. There are a lot of interesting projects going on, also a lot here at Instructables. But a thing that i run against is the fact of IoT Gateway/server software. On Google I found differed IoT gateways/servers that I wanted to share with you guys. If you have to contribute to my list, please do. All software's have there pros and cons, so more project the better. 

- Thingspeak. This is a in the cloud site to witch you can send your sensor data and switch things
- Exosite. Pretty similar to Thingspeak
- IFTTT. This also a cloud site, with witch you can have your sensor data communicate with other services on the web like google, facebook, twitter
- Openhab. Is a open home automation software that runs on the Raspberry Pi, it also has a android app. Unfortunately not that easy to configure.
- EasyIoT. Is a pretty new server application, that looks great on the web and phone browser. Still new and in development. 

Like I said all projects are have there pros and there cons. If somebody has to contribute to this list, please do. 

PetervdPol2 years ago

There is

Kinoma Create. Lots of promise. Hard to program