Ipod laser pointer hack...

bought a laser pointer that plugs into a 2nd gen iPod nano (hey it was $2), and since I don't own one, (3rd gen FTW) I took it apart. Now I've got some problems: a) How much power does an Ipod put out? I cant just hook this sucker up to a AA? I don't wish to power it through an iPod. b) The negative wire wasn't soldered, I think i know where it goes but I'd like to be sure All I know is it's a red laser pointer laser, and there wasn't any info on the packaging other than don't shine in your eye...

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wah? where'd you get it???
KentsOkay (author)  AnarchistAsian9 years ago
Half Price Books
KentsOkay (author)  AnarchistAsian9 years ago
Hah!! i just got it working... a mile marker.... my first laser...
oooohhhh!!! what? really? you've never had a laser before?
whatsisface9 years ago
Binary boy is right, I think iPods can only supply 3.3v, and can charge off 5-12V.
>Binary boy FOCF XD
Madam Adrian, who is binary boy????????
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