seeing as how i live in Ireland, im not too clued in to what thanks giving is all about. i have seen it on tv and films and stuff but i dont understand it as well as some other people, mostly americans. could someone state when exactly it takes place? maybe ill post an instructable for some nice kind of pie or something. but im at the disadvantage of not knowing what constitutes a thanksgiving pie. well in any case have a nice thanks giving!

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Xarkumetru11 years ago
It' on November 27.
canida Xarkumetru11 years ago
This year it's Thursday, November 23.
seedling11 years ago
If you like food and you like cooking, what's not to like about Thanksgiving? As for the menu, I've been to thanksgivings where all or none of the requisite foods were served. No need to be traditionalist, though perhaps the turkey triggers something in your brain that makes you feel good about winter coming on... who knows. Anyway my mom hates the turkey but we always loved the mashed potatoes, even when they came out of a box (that can be attributed to my south dakotan grandmother). One thing about Thanksgiving--legend had it the pilgrims shared a feast with the injuns and we learned about corn and squash. We give thanks for a good harvest, which presumably is over by the end of November, and now it's time to knit by the fire and oil the plow.
Dr. No11 years ago
mmmmm turkey...
Crash210811 years ago
Thanksgiving is where you are forced to be around people you hate and eat all of their food. They usually spend all day making it, even though the dinner may be early so that you can have another one later. It always includes pumpkin pie, turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, etc. Sometimes there may be a dumbass who eats tofu that is just asking to be shot.
canida11 years ago
Basically, Thanksgiving is an American (read: excessive) version of a harvest festival held on the 4th Thursday in November. It's traditionally a large dinner with friends and family, and usually features turkey, some form of cranberry-based sauce or relish, seasonal and root vegetables, and lots of desserts, particularly pie. Pumpkin pie is probably the only variety that's required; the rest of it is completely up to personal taste and varies geographically. American families traditionally overeat heavily, then collapse in front of the television in a starch and tryptophan-induced food coma on the pretense of watching American football. The next day they wake up before dawn to go shopping at mediocre sales during what is commonly known as "Black Friday". Needless to say, there's quite a lot of variation.